by Michele Giuttari

Publisher Little, Brown


‘More murder most Italian,’ says Rebecca. ‘The latest title to feature Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara sees the cat-like investigator caught up in a massacre in New York.’

In an apartment on the nineteenth floor of a Madison Avenue skyscraper, six people have been slaughtered. Among the victims is the owner of the apartment: Rocco Fedeli, a Calabrian from San Pietro d’Aspromonte, a man with no criminal record, an ordinary citizen, one of the many immigrants who has made his fortune in America. But the investigation begins to suggest that the murders ? or rather the executions ? are linked to the drugs and the Calabrian Mafia ? the ‘Ndrangheta.


So when the FBI asks the Italian police for cooperation, Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara, now of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department, comes into the picture. After his many years of service in Calabria, the ‘Ndrangheta holds no secrets for Ferrara. But he must come up against Angela Fedeli, Rocco’s sister, an unusually cold, self-controlled woman, who is ready to assume a leading role when a betrayal threatens to shatter her world to pieces…


One of the wildest and most beautiful regions in Italy, known for its rugged coastline and mountains, Calabria is also home to the deadly ‘Ndrangheta. An organised Mafia crime operation more feared in Italy than the Cosa Nostra or the Camorra, it is shrouded in mystery. Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara of Italy’s elite Anti-Mafia Investigation Department is tasked with investigating the deaths of several Calabria citizens - some in New York, some in the small, isolated villages that dot the Calabrian countryside. To get to the bottom of the case, Ferrara has to infiltrate the village of San Piero d’Aspromonte, deep in the Calabrian mountains. And there, he must put his life on the line to learn more about a family at the centre of an ancient, bloody feud…


By:   Michele Giuttari

Imprint:   Little, Brown

Country of Publication:   United Kingdom

Edition:   Export ed

Dimensions:   Height: 216mm,  Width: 135mm



ISBN 10:   1408702959

Series:   Michele Ferrara #4

Pages:   336

Publication Date:   July 2010

Audience:   General

Format:   Paperback

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